Before applying for a Divorce...

Before applying for a divorce, you and your husband or wife might sort a few things out. You can usually avoid going to court hearings if you agree about: The reasons for ending your marriage, Custody of and financial support for your children, Your property and Finances, there is a deadline if you want to make this legally binding.
If you cannot agree on certain issues, you could use a mediator. Which FMB Divorce Solicitors can arrange and will be able to advise you on what steps to take.
Applying for a Divorce. Our team of Solicitors will be with you every step of the divorce procedure, we will deal with every legal aspect of the proceedings thus making the whole process easier for the client.

For us to make your application for a Divorce, we will need:

  • The full name and address of you husband or wife.
  • Your Marriage Certificate, either the original or a certified copy ( and if its not in English, a certified translation).
  • If you have changed your name since you got married you will need proof of your name change, either a marriage certificate or deed poll.
  • The court will need the current address of your husband or wife to send the divorce petition so you must try to provide it.

If your reason for divorce is Adultery and you name the person with whom your husband or wife committed the adultery, then they too will receive copies of the paperwork.

A fee must be paid to apply for a divorce, this fee is non refundable once the application has been issued. If you are on a low income or benefits you may be able to get help with the fees.