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Fraud cases cover a wide range of allegations, from a small welfare benefit overpayment to a multi-million pound money-laundering case. The more complex cases can carry serious consequences, with the personal and professional lives of the individuals involved being severely damaged.

Fraud Investigations

Our criminal defence team is highly experienced in complex financial and corporate investigations, civil fraud litigation as well as criminal prosecutions. We are accredited by the Legal Aid Agency to conduct the very highest cost criminal cases (also called VHCCs), a status held by only a few criminal practices in the country.

Fraud investigations are not only complex, but can be extremely drawn-out. Complex fraud allegations require analysis of thousands of pages of documentation and financial statements and so the legal team working on the case will need to be highly experienced as well as technically exceptional lawyers. Our lawyers are highly skilled in this area, and also work effectively alongside other experts when needed in order to help put forward the strongest possible case for you.

As well as handling your case with professionalism and the attention to detail you would expect when dealing with cases of this nature, we also understand the impact on our clients’ personal lives. We understand that dealing with cases of fraud, while technical, still involve emotions and we believe it is our job to minimise the risk to your reputation, as well as secure the best possible outcome.

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