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What do I have to prove to succeed with an equal pay claim?

To bring a claim under the equal pay provisions you must be able to point to a colleague of the opposite sex whose terms and conditions are different to your own. It is not sufficient for a hypothetical employee to be used.

The employee must be:

  1. Employed by the same or an associated employer
  2. Employed in a comparable job

Can my employer defend an equal pay claim?

If you are able to show that you are paid less than a colleague of the opposite sex doing “like work” or “work of equal value” then the Tribunal will assume that the reason for the difference is due to discrimination and the employer must then try and defend the claim. An employer can defend a claim if they can prove that any difference is due to a genuine factor other than sex.

What happens if I succeed with my claim?

If you are successful with your claim, the Equal Pay Act will insert an equality clause in your contract of employment. This means that each term that is less favourable will be amended to make it equal. You may also claim arrears of pay for up to 6 years prior to the start of the Tribunal proceedings.

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