A very large and surprise donation was dropped off to at Blackburns Local Food Bank and Cat Sanctuary earlier this month.

Through an initiative to give back to the communities where the company has locations, FMB Solicitors presented those who run the local charities with a large amount of much-needed supplies.

“They loved it, and it’s probably one of the biggest donations they’ve seen in a while,” says  Deborah, partner at FMB Solicitors in Blackburn. “They were really appreciative, and we’re pretty stoked and excited about it.”

Solicitors Donation

It’s important for the company to give back to the community because of how well the Blackburn community has supported FMB Solicitors over the last 18 years.

The manager, at the community-run food bank, says the food will go a long way toward getting the agency and its clients through the holiday season.

“It’s enormous, Over the summer, people were generous with donations, but it’s kind of tapered off with everything going on at the minute. We’re doing okay, but this will really help us.”

The food bank can always use stocking up of the regular items, namely non-perishables which include pasta, beans, soup, rice, and baking supplies such as sugar, flour, and salt.

For more information about helping or receiving help from the Local Food Bank or Cat Sanctuary in Blackburn, email info@fmbsolicitors.co.uk

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