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Deborah Morgan is one of our founding partners and has dedicated her career to the representation of those accused of criminal conduct.

As a young lawyer she successfully defended many clients in police custody. Her diligent approach meant that she was asked to prepare the defence for a large group of youths, in a paper-heavy prosecution arising from a controversial police sting which raised issues of entrapment and mistaken identification. She gravitated towards complex casework, and was soon instructed to defend a client who had been arrested by SO13 (the Metropolitan Police Anti-Terrorist Squad) during 22 gruelling police interviews and a two month trial at the Old Bailey. Her ability to assimilate voluminous case papers with meticulous attention to detail, and her proactive approach to defending, ensured that the strength and quality of the evidence relied upon by the police and the Crown Prosecution Service was thoroughly tested.

Over the next 20 years she has built a formidable practice. Her vast experience and the personal approach she brings to each case has earned her a reputation amongst both her clients and peers as a true specialist in complex Crown Court casework. She is consistently instructed by those facing serious and high profile allegations. Her recent caseload includes gangland murders, complex fraud, money laundering and proceeds of crime, sexual offences, firearms, and large drugs conspiracies.

Deborah’s dedication is unparalleled. She recognises that clients, and indeed their families, often need more than just legal advice when facing lengthy and daunting criminal prosecutions.

Deborah is head of our Serious Crime Department, and is a Very High Costs Case Panel supervisor. She supervises our Magistrates’ Court and Police Station departments, has trained young lawyers, and continues to be an active member of the local Duty Solicitor Scheme, appearing regularly in the lower courts and giving urgent advice to clients in police detention.

Notable cases:

R v G  – advised client throughout a series of 22 interviews conducted by senior anti-terrorist officers concerning allegations that he had reactivated various handguns and  sub machine guns, which had then been transferred to terrorists in Ireland, resulting in at least one murder. He was eventually charged with firearms offences but was exonerated from having any terrorist links. She was commended by Queen’s Counsel for her robust and tenacious defence of the client during those interviews. She later appeared in person at the Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey) before the senior presiding Judge to argue, successfully, that her client should be bailed whilst awaiting trial.

R v M – represented a man of good character on trial for a serious assualt. Following the discovery close to the scene of a pair of spectacles bearing a DNA link to the client, police alleged that he was the person who had carried out the attack on the victim who had been dragged from a busy street. Through fastidious analysis of the prosecution case, the defence was able to show that the prosecution case was flawed and a Not Guilty verdict was returned.

R v K – prepared the defence for a woman in custody facing allegations that she had poisoned her own daughter by medicating her with hormones contrary to NHS advice. Deborah was able to call expert evidence from one of the world’s leading endocrinologists who gave testimony, via a live link from Belgium, that the hormonal therapy had been medically justified and had not caused harm. The Not Guilty verdict returned by the jury secured the client’s immediate  release from custody to be reunited with her daughter.

R v P – prepared the case for a client facing prosecution for his involvement in a complex international fraud involving the theft and illegal trading of Carbon Credits with values in excess of 3 million Euros. Much of the evidence was gathered internationally giving rise to various cross-jurisdictional issues.

R v H – represented a client in a high profile conspiracy to murder case, following an alleged gang related tit-for-tat shooting in Manchester. The case involved the detailed analysis of thousands of pages of complex cell site evidence and sensitive material. After an 8  week trial, the jury returned a verdict of Not Guilty to the murder allegations, but guilty to alternative less serious offences, avoiding the mandatory life sentence.

R v D & N – represented two non-English speaking clients facing allegations of involvement in a Conspiracy to Produce Cannabis on a huge commercial scale. Deborah took extreme care to ensure that both defendants understood the evidence and the legal procedure despite the fact that they spoke little English. Of the 10 defendants involved in 2 trials over 4 weeks, only Deborah’s clients were found Not Guilty, one being released less than a week into his trial after a successful legal argument challenging the lawfulness of an alleged confession made by the client in the absence of an interpreter: it was demonstrated that there had been substantial breaches of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act by key investigating officers, including failure to provide an interpreter, questioning of the client without Caution, and the mishandling of a mobile phone seized as evidence in the case.

R v C – represented a single mother with no previous convictions facing serious allegations of Drug Production and People Trafficking. Deborah worked tirelessly for several weeks, analysing the prosecution case and proactively collecting evidence to eventually secure bail for her client pending trial.

Mr T

Thank you for working your magic!

Mr M

Thank you so much for all your help. I truly appreciate all your kindness with what was a very difficult time in my life.

Mrs L

I was understood, put at ease, yet still was given the facts that were obviously upsetting. Deborah and her team were faultless.

Mrs B

Deborah showed great compassion and empathy. She was totally professional and precise. She did a superb job. I couldn’t defend myself and Deborah was my voice. The way she handled my case was beyond the call of duty.

Mr L

Thank you so much for all your help and support throughout the case. It is truly appreciated.

Mr L

Thank you so much for all your help and support throughout the case. It is truly appreciated.

Mrs B

Deborah showed great compassion and empathy. She was totally professional and precise. She did a superb job. I couldn’t defend myself and Deborah was my voice. The way she handled my case was beyond the call of duty.

Mr W

The service was excellent. Thanks to all the team and Deborah in particular!


10/10 best solicitors in town. Deborah Morgan is amazing, and Charlotte Westworth is fantastic. They both looked after me and support me through my case.


Deborah Morgan dealt with my Crown Court case and was successful in getting the case dropped. The level of service received from Deborah was 100%. I couldn’t fault her, she was brilliant. I will be recommending Deborah and her team to anyone I come across that requires assistance in matters of this nature. Thanks again to Deborah for all her help and hard work, I’m grateful


Deborah thank you very much for representing me in court over the last few weeks. it’s something I will never forget. You went an extra 10 miles not just one. I would recommend your services to anyone that is in need of representation, no doubt about it. Thank you for your professionalism and diligence and rescheduling your schedule so that you could help me through the court process.