Richard Prew

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Crime Duty Solicitor
High Court Advocate

Phone: 01254 274700
About Richard

Richard is a true criminal law specialist, with over thirty years’ experience to call upon if you or a family member needs advice regarding any criminal investigation.

As a qualified Higher Court Advocate, Richard appears on a daily basis in both the Magistrates’ Courts and Crown Courts. His persuasive and careful advocacy instils confidence in those he represents.

He covers all aspects of criminal law, from motoring offences in the lower courts through to preparation and advocacy in the Crown Court in serious criminal matters. He conducts trials in the Magistrates’ Court, and fights hard in every case to ensure that justice is achieved.

Richard believes that access to justice is an inalienable right and champions the right of all defendants to apply for Legal Aid in criminal cases. To any client facing the bewildering and worrying situation of being under arrest, or the unfamiliar territory of court proceedings, having Richard in your corner can be invaluable.

He is an accredited Duty Solicitor of many years’ standing, serving at the police station and Magistrates’ Court to represent those who do not have a solicitor and who need urgent legal assistance.

Outside of work, he has two grown up sons, and enjoys playing and watching football, watching cricket, reading, and (when the pubs are open) drinking the odd pint of real bitter !