Get a fair Divorce Settlement when Dividing your Assets...

The division of family assets can include such things as a home, savings, other properties, businesses and pensions.

Some of these areas can be extremely complex as there is no definitive answer to who will receive which assets and each case will depend upon its own particular facts.
It is through experience that our family lawyers will be able to give you pragmatic advice on the likely division of all assets in your case.

We can also assist where there is reason to believe that your former spouse is at risk of disposing of marital assets and in such circumstances, applications can be made to the Court for them to prevent that from happening.

Dealing with the divisions of a family owned business or a business operated by one party of the married couple can be particularly testing.

We are able to assist in agreeing a provision of assets or achieving a settlement that will
mean the business can continue to operate in most cases.

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